Flag of Ghana

The Flag.

Belonging for me is a tough subject to wrap my mind around.

I am of Ghanaian descent. I was born in Worcester, Massachusetts and moved from there when I was 4 to come to Montreal.

I moved from Montreal, to the suburb of Laval, when I was 7. Changed school twice when I got there. Belonging wasn’t ever a question as much as stability was. I found myself, at 14, with the realization that I wasn’t the new kid anymore. That I had actually stayed at a place. And now the question of belonging arises again because my mom just announced that I will be taking a trip to Ghana.

I was immediately apprehensive about it because I wasn’t really sure what would be the point. I do not know anyone there and the only people I will know are relatives that I have only exchanged "hi"s and "bye"s with over the phone. It made question my identity as a Ghanaian. Yes, I understand the language, but I can not speak it.

I can place it on a map, but have never stepped foot there unless I can count a three-week trip I took when I was 4.

I am still going “back home” but my mission at this juncture is to see if it truly is.